Let's Sell Some Art Day Camp

until Friday August 20 5:00 PM @ 151 Main Street West North Bay ON


Do you have a budding Monet or Picasso? If so why not let them come and stretch their creative talents with various art techniques. Kids will create multiple art projects over
the course of the week and then sell their wares in a kids only art show on Friday open to families, friends and the public.

The kids will curate and run their own show.

Programming includes:

  • Various crafts and techniques for artists
  • Outdoor time (Splashpad and playground)
  • Independent craft exploration time
  • Kid friendly lessons on marketing and pricing
  • Special Friday lunch (think gala a la kids)

When: August 16-20, 2021 9-5PM
Where: 151 Main St. W.
Ages: 6-12
Spaces: 10 Maximum
Cost: $250/Child

$80.00 deposit required per child to reserve space | Children must register for full week
Deposit returned only if cancelled for COVID 19 shutdown | Balance due first morning
All day camps are run by qualified staff | COVID screening | Credit, Debit, E-Transfer, Cash
Parents provide lunch except last day | Snacks Provided | First Aid, CPR & Reference Check

Reserve Your Space today:
admin@gatewaytotheartscoop.ca | 705-499-5806 | www.gatewaytotheartscoop.ca

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