King Of Queens Cannabis Co.

King of Queens Cannabis Company is a weed store for locals by locals! FREE delivery to your door on orders over $50. Rightfully designated as “The Home of the Half Quarter” we all puff tough and take our Cannabis extremely seriously. We draw upon decades of Cannabis Industry experience to wade through the tsunami of Cannabis products to source a pool of quality merchandise for our store – and we aren’t just talking about weed, how you consume is just as important and so we know the accessories are key to the experience and we know what is awesome and what is horse patooey. We love our town and we showcase community artisans Cannabis art and accessories with goal of creating an uniquely entertaining and hopefully educational experience during your visit. All our products are field tested independently by our in house industry experts - it’s a tough job but it’s our commitment to *you - our customer* that provides the motivation, drive and self sacrifice to go to Clear Lake on a sunny afternoon and, for example, determine if The 5/5 Molos and the Blue Dream from Seven Acre Farms is better with Beach Tacos or Hot Dogs (FYI - Beach Tacos wins every time no matter the category or contest, like even in a wet t-shirt contest Beach Tacos would win!). We pledge to commit to our unending campaign of product testing to ensure that our ongoing stringent quality control regime is adhered to, and that all product assessment occurs in appropriately beautiful local settings with cool people so as to provide a level playing field for product assessment… and we do that for you 100%…yup has nothing to do with the fact it happens to be a normal nice Tuesday for us, nope just for you - it’s a tough job but we’ll do it ;o)


Daniel Curylo
Address: 176 Oak St West North Bay Ontario P1B 2S7
Telephone: 705-482-1715
Email Address:
Facebook: /profile.php?id=100068734759825
Instagram: /kingofqueenscc


Weekday Hours: 9am-6pm
Saturday Hours: 9am-6pm
Sunday Hours: 9am-6pm