Northern Ontario Curling Association

MISSION: To promote and develop curling as a recreational and competitive sport in Northern Ontario. VISION: Recognized locally, provincially, nationally and internationally as the organizing body for the sport of curling for Northern Ontario. VALUES: Northern Ontario Curling Association believes that: all members of the curling community in Northern Ontario will be afforded as many opportunities as possible/feasible to contribute their ideas, express their concerns and to influence decisions and actions affecting the development of the sport of curling pro-actively working in partnership with member facilities and member clubs in an open, honest, responsive and safe way will ensure a solid foundation for curling in Northern Ontario curlers, regardless of gender, age or ability will have an opportunity to participate in the sport of curling curling will be developed by qualified leaders in the development of the sport curling competitions will be well organized, fair and open for all interested participants when dealing with sponsors of member facilities and competitive events we will be fair, open and honest and provide them with the greatest possible exposure and return on their investment when dealing with suppliers and business partners we will be fair, open and honest working cooperatively with other curling organizations across Canada will further the development of the sport of curling working cooperatively with government agencies at all levels to support the promotion of curling in support of the quality of life in northern Ontario communities member facility staff and volunteers will have the opportunity to pursue their potential to achieve excellence in their performance and job satisfaction. providing information about the array of curling opportunities available to residents across Northern Ontario in local communities to help raise awareness and participation in the sport of curling


Bobby Ray
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Telephone: 705-472-8480 x231
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