WHITE WATER GALLERY: Unexpected Agencies by John Graham

until Saturday December 23 5:00 PM @ White Water Gallery, 159 Main Street East, North Bay
Join us for the opening reception for UNEXPECTED ADJACENCIES, a multimedia exhibition by Saskatoon-based visual artist and experimental filmmaker John Graham! Be sure to be here for John's artist talk, beginning at 8 pm.
This exhibition presents 4 split screen projections of digital collage stills alongside the moving imagery of short experimental dance videos. The stills present fantastical photo-collages of reconfigured surreal montages of as-found historical imagery of settler culture of ‘The Wild West’. The moving imagery of hypnotic experimental dance videos that beckon to the age of silent film. In addition, six framed photo-collage digital prints also explore the surreal ‘The Wild West’ theme to complement the dynamic wall projections.
The 4 video-dance projections present various metaphorical characters who intersect in dance stories told through gestures, body and sound. These four video-dances have collectively been screened at over 100 films festivals worldwide from 2016 to 2023. John Graham is the producer, director and editor for these 4 art projects. UNEXPECTED ADJACENCIES also presents the beautiful and haunting music composed by the Danish contemporary composer, Claus Gahrn in UNFOLD.
The video-dance projects UNFOLD (2019) and BEING (2018) were created in collaboration with the dance company Ziggurat Project during an international artist residency in Budapest (BARTR). UNFOLD is a poetic laboratory that visually symbolizes the unpredictable revealing of oneself to another in friendship. BEING is a compilation of 3 tone poems that explore 3 experiences of being human with very different allegorical characters interrelating. TONE 2017 and TRIO (2016) were created with choreographers and contemporary dancers during an artist residency in Montreal at the Oboro Centre. TONE is a hypnotic dance of transformation in a metaphorical forest. TRIO is a compilation of 3 otherworldly visions in 3 pieces entitled ‘Sense’, ‘Attention’ and ‘Inflection’.

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