Endaayaan Awejaa

Endaayaan Awejaa is a start-up non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing all youth and families with safe places to heal and build solid foundations for their future. Our mission statement is Maamwi Bmosedaa which means Walking in Unity. We strive to Walk In Unity together with our youth, their families and our local community. Our organization started during the covid pandemic with just a few volunteering their time. We all agreed that there is a great need for support in our community and united and became a solid team working in various capacities. The pilliars in which we incorporate into our work are arts & culture, reconciliation, education and harm reduction. Currently Endaayaan Awejaa has opened their doors at 187 Main Street West, North Bay. We have been providing support for youth and families who may need assistance with groceries, closure, resources, connection to culture, or basic hygiene needs. We have created ongoing workshops to promote healthy living and engage youth towards a path that caters to their strengths and sets them up for success. Our overall goal is to create an Indigenous youth home that will include our culture teachings, counselling, mentorship, workshops and activities.


Natasha Lariviere
Address: 187 Main Street West, North Bay, ON
Telephone: 705-885-0955
Email Address: general-endaayaan@gmail.com
Website: https://www.endaayaanawejaa.com/
Facebook: /Endaayaan-Awejaa-102615351531858
Instagram: /endaayaan_awejaa/