About Us

The North Bay Downtown Improvement Area was created by By-Law No. 144 in 1977. The Mission Statement "To preserve and develop the heart of North Bay." was adopted by the DIA in 1995 and remains their primary objective. The Downtown Improvement Area works to achieve this goal.

The DIA concentrates on tourism, business retention and expansion, and promotions. Festivals and special events are held at various times throughout the year in an effort to increase traffic levels, enhance the profile of the Downtown and strengthen investor confidence in the Downtown core.

Board of Directors 2014-2017


Mr. Bob Alger,​ Alger Furniture & Appliances - 705-472-7585


Mr. Peter Hobbs, Moose FM - 705-475-9991


Mr. Tom Richardson, Property Owner - 705-477-3430
Mr. Barry Klus, Cheapskates Quality Sporting Goods - 705-495-4736
Ms. Rae Brenne, Stix & Stones - 705-223-8245 
Mr. Thor von Estorff, TW Foods - 705-494-4864
Mr. Geoff Richardson, Property Owner - 705-472-1490
Mr. Mike Anthony​, City Council Representative - 705-474-0400
Mr. Daryl Vaillancourt, City Council Representative - 705-474-0400
Mr. Jeff Serran, Executive Director - 705-474-7824
Ms. Sara Gage, Treasurer - 705-474-0400
Ms. Bev Hillier,  City Liaison - 705-474-0400



Tom Richardson (Chair)
Mike Anthony
Geoff Richardson

Rae Brenne


Barry Klus (Chair)
Thor von Estorff (Vice-Chair)

Tom Richardson

Geoff Richardson

Rae Brenne

PROMOTIONS & Marketing

Geoff Richardson (Chair)
Rae Brenne (Vice-Chair)

Thor von Estorff

Peter Hobbs
Barry Klus

Committees are comprised of members of the Board of Directors as well as from Downtown businesses.
Any Downtown business owner, employee can be part of our committees,  If you are a volunteer from the public and want to take part in any of the Downtown's committees please contact the office on how to be involved.


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