Street Banner Requests

Fill out the form here to make a formal request to hang a street banner on Main Street West at Fraser Street.

Frequently asked questions regarding having a banner installed are below the photo.



Q-Do I need to contact Downtown North Bay & Waterfront about having a banner put up?
A-Yes, you will be provided with a letter of understanding to sign and return to our administration office.

Q-Cost to display the banner
A-The business/organization making the request is responsible for all costs associated with having the banner installed and removed with Gateway Signs and as per the letter of understanding. *New: A user fee of $250.00 has been implemented in 2024.

Q-Is there a particular company that we must purchase the banner
A-Yes, the preferred contractor for installation and removal is Gateway Signs and Service, 705-476-7264. Please note that the banner to be installed must have baffles (air slits) constructed into the material used.

Q-What size of banner is needed for location on Main Street West?
A-35 feet long x 46 inches high

Q-Is the DIA responsible for coordinating the hanging of the banner
A-No, you may contact the company of your choice.

Q-Will Downtown store the banner for me until the next time I need it?
A-No, The business/organization making the request is in charge of storage of the banner.

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