From accommodations, transportation/parking, and vital services including fresh produce and food, medical service and supplies, and places of worship, those who reside Downtown find everything they need to live a comfortable lifestyle within a few blocks. Outdoor recreational amenities including the walking/biking path (Kate Pace Way),Community Waterfront Park, museum, seasonal festivals and markets, open air shows and events, all add to an atmosphere of an all-encompassing vibrant neighbourhood that offers a four-season connection to Lake Nipissing... your back yard!

People taking photographs downtown
An old car

Downtown also provides a beautiful and safe location in which to live, shop, and do business. With galleries, culture and related events, unique stores, essential services, and diverse restaurants, Downtown North Bay has it all and offers a lifestyle that differs from any other part of the city. So many amenities within the walking distance of a couple of city blocks makes living downtown convenient and healthy. Long-term parking is available to tenants of Downtown, city-wide access to all bus routes is situated at the transit terminal downtown, and sidewalks are some of the first to be cleared in winter in the downtown area, making getting around on foot convenient.

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