Morland Real Estate Appraisals

Our clients at Morland Appraisals have depended for 30 years on our expertise in the estates and financial industry. We provide appraisal services for private individuals and commercial clients. We service all of the North Bay area chartered banks, accountants, credit unions and other financial institutions. Look to Morland Appraisals for our services in: Estate Appraisals, Residential Appraisals, Commercial/Industrial Appraisals, Institutional Appraisals. Whether your property is small or large, we give appraisals for: Property Reselling, Refinancing, Property Purchasing, Tax Planning, Estate Planning.


Brad Minogue
Address: 382 Fraser Street, North Bay, P1B 3W7
Telephone: 705-474-3500
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Weekday Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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